"The Wealth"

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“The Wealth”
Plentiful supplies of a particular resource. The color gold represents the source and well being G R A T I T U D E is striving to give to our city. Every side of the land brings their own uniqueness and exclusiveness to the city as a whole. Throughout the last few months, we envisioned G R A T I T U D E being that resource and back bone that brings the wealth for generations to the city. Gratitude isn’t just a brand, it’s a way of living that we can pour over our city’s people. It’s more valuable to show appreciation and thankfulness when it can be influenced amongst a larger scale of individuals. From the west side of Chicago, intertwined with every other part of Chicago, striving to lift as we climb and show gratitude as we aim for generational well being. This shirt is a epitome of having a goal and wanting success for others before yourself. “What good is creating wealth and success if you can’t create it with those around you.”