"The Creed"

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“The Creed”
A set of beliefs or aims which guide someone's actions. The color red represents determination, power and energy. On January 8th, 2019 when G R A T I T U D E was formed, it was energy and determination for success that kept us together. Over the next 6 months we had countless failed ideas, drops in communication and lack of execution, but OUR CREED and the definition of G R A T I T U D E never wavered. It pushed us to continue and now we're here to stay‼️. “The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness” is so much more than a definition, it's a way of life. Living your creed gives you the power, determination and energy to SUCCEED, but when combined with G R A T I T U D E you become UNCONQUERABLE.


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